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COVID-19 Update:

For your safety and reassurance, we have strict protocols, procedures and control measures in place to ensure that our clinic is as covid-safe as we can possibly make it.  Please click the banner above, or refer to our specific COVID-19 page using the toolbar on the left to find out how we are operating a "new normal" to ensure that our clinic remains open and covid-safe.

What can I expect during my consultation?

Your physiotherapist will begin by initially asking you a series of questions about your basic health, current levels of activity and future expectations, followed by a comprehensive assessment.  This will enable us to make an accurate diagnosis, and to develop a bespoke treatment strategy to get you pain free and back to normal as quickly as possible.

Will I receive treatment during my first session?

Yes, your first session will involve a full assessment and treatment, and you will more than likely be provided with some exercises to complete on your own at home between your treatment sessions to help get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

What do I need to bring or wear to my appointment?

It may be useful for you to write down any medical conditions that you have, and a list of medications that you are currently taking.  It would also be helpful if you could bring along the results of any scans, or X-rays that you may have had connected to your condition.

In terms of clothing - comfort is key.  Please be aware that you may be asked to removed items of clothing to enable us to see the affected area. We therefore ask that you wear appropriate underwear, and that you bring shorts and a loose fitting or sleeveless top if possible.

If you are attending for a lower limb problem then it is also advisable to bring your regular footwear or trainers with you in case you are required to complete a running assessment.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

No, we are able to see you without a letter from your Doctor.  This enables us to book you in for an appointment as soon as possible, thus avoiding unnecessary delays to your treatment.  However, please be aware that you may require a GP referral if you are claiming through certain insurance companies.

How much does an appointment cost, and how can I pay?

Face to Face Physiotherapy first session (Assessment / treatment): £45

Face to face physiotherapy follow-up treatment: £40

Telephone / Virtual Physiotherapy First Session: £40

Telephone / Virtual Physiotherapy follow-ups : £35

Payment is taken at the time of your appointment, and can only be made by cash, cheque or via bank transfer.

We are registered with most major insurance companies e.g. Simply Health, AVIVA, Westfield Health etc.  Please don't hesitate to call us if you would like to know if we are registered with your provider of health insurance.

How long will an appointment last?

Your first appointment will last between 30 – 60 minutes, depending on your condition. Subsequent appointments will last approximately 30 minutes (except sports massage)

How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?

This is almost like asking how long is a piece of string!  Every client is unique, and has different goals and expectations.

For a minor injury, just one or two sessions may be required to set you on the right track combined with a comprehensive home exercise programme.  Whereas, for more complex problems it make take several weeks.  

It is important to remember that physiotherapy is not a magic wand, and that improvements may not be instantaneous.  Progress is all about how much you engage with the advice and recommendations, and not just how much your therapist does during your treatment session.  Patients who progress the fastest tend to be those who commit wholeheartedly to completing the exercises and stretches prescribed by their physio - with only a short period of time spent together each week or fortnight, the time spent outside of the treatment room is just as important — if not more.  You are with your body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – you only see your therapist for a small fraction of this time!

Please be assured, however, that we will always work with you – whether you just want a single session for a little advice to get you started while you wait for an NHS appointment, or a series of sessions, or maybe you just want to pop in one every couple of months for maintenance and well-being.  

How does a virtual / telephone consultation work?

Your well-being is the most important thing to us, and being able to offer online consultations means that you never have to miss an appointment. We appreciate that it isn't always possible to get to one of our clinics, whether it be because you are shielding, you have work commitments, children or an illness .

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to have an online consultation and we appreciate that you may have your own preferred way of doing this. Therefore, you can communicate with us using a variety of apps such as, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime or telephone.

The format will run exactly the same as if we are assessing and treating you face to face, and you will be provided with a comprehensive home exercise programme to complete between your sessions.

How can I arrange an appointment?

We will aim to offer you an appointment within 24 hours of you requesting treatment.


You can request an appointment using the following methods:


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Can I be see in my own home? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to conduct domicilliary visits at the present time.